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Singing Bowl Sound Healing

Mobile Care Unit Mission

We are setting out to change the lives of unpaid family caregivers with more than just a day of respite. More than a fleeting moment. More than a brief connection. We are on a mission to support and even change for the better, the overall health and wellness of these unsung heroes in our community!


Lot of Love is committed to delivering proven self-care services directly to caregivers through our fully equipped state-of-the-art mobile unit. This includes Vibroacoustic Therapy (meditation seats and lounges), frequency healing sessions, sound bowls & other healing instruments, Breathwork, meditation, yoga, one-on-one conversations, and valuable resources provided by professionals and experts in their fields. As a nonprofit 501(c)(3), we are dedicated to raising funds to ensure that these comprehensive health services are accessible to caregivers, supporting their well-being in every aspect. Thus ending the circle of declining health in the lives of these home caregivers.

Let's Talk Proven Benefits



  • Immune system support

  • Increase blood flow

  • Reduce chronic pain

  • Boost your metabolism

  • Reduce stress & anxiety

  • Increase focus & mental clarity

  • Relieve muscle tension and chronic pain



  • Boost in energy

  • Elevate mood

  • Regulate emotions

  • Increased resilience



  • Lower inflammation

  • Reduce muscle soreness

  • Boost performance

  • Better sleep


Comfort On the Go: Ensures caregivers receive the benefits of sound and vibration wherever they are, enhancing their well-being without the stress of leaving the loved one they are caring for or having the expense to hire in home care.


Mobile Wellness Unit: With your support, we aim to ultimately equip a mobile unit to reach caregivers in various locations, making self-care accessible to all! We will also utilize this unit to raise further funds, enhance caregiver awareness & advocate for the support and well-being of unpaid family caregivers.

Still Needed:

Van or RV

VibroAcoustic Sound Lounge2 from inHarmony - $6,000 (currently 50% funded)

All other equipment has been donated and ready to go!



Vibroacoustic Therapy

Music, sound and vibration moves us all in unique ways, resonating deep within the soul and body. We can now bring the incredible power of sound and vibration to unpaid family caregivers, bringing a sense of harmony to their otherwise chaotic lives.


Vibroacoustic Sessions (meditation seat and sound lounge): wired transducers within the equipment sync frequencies with or without headphones, offering sound at a cellular level. Providing healing on an emotional, mental and physical level in as little as 11 mins.

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Frequency Healing

Certain frequencies of sound are used as part of therapies in order to manipulate human brainwaves to promote healing of the body and mind. Sound frequency healing has been used to treat several different kinds of ailments such as insomnia, anxiety, depression, and disorders of the nervous system.  


Sound Healing

Sound vibrations have a pretty powerful effect on our minds and bodies. Research shows us that sound healing can slow down our brain waves and put our bodies in a very relaxed, dreamlike state. It may also be able to help with certain physical and mental health conditions.

A sound healing session involves lying down in a cozy and comfortable setting, closing our eyes, and focusing on sounds made by music instruments like chimes, gongs, and singing bowls.

Active Senior Couple

Breath Work & Meditation

Our breath is filled with healing power. Different breathing patterns and meditation practices aid in calming the mind, nervous system, lowering blood pressure, pausing the monkey mind and helps to find clarity and solutions.

Folding a Yoga Mat

Yoga & Gentle Movement

All levels yoga and gentle movement will be available at every home visit. All needed equipment provided. (chair, yoga mat, bolsters, blocks, straps)

Holding Hands

1:1 Conversation & Resources

There's power in having an outlet for our thoughts & concerns. It's healing to have someone to talk to that understands the challenges of being a caregiver. Our team is made up of family caregivers with years of experience. We are familiar with local resources and support on the state and federal level as well.

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Other Modalities

This mobile care unit will provide access to hundreds of wellness professionals and healthcare resources.

Support Group Circle

Sponsorship Opportunities

The mobile care unit needs sponsors like you! Sponsors who commitment to social responsibility and community development aligns seamlessly with our goals, and we believe that together, we can make a meaningful difference.

Please reach out to talk about making this dream come true- together!

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