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Our Original CareGiving Story

Lot of Love was born from personal caregiver experiences by Brandee Walton and her son Tony, in memory of Kathleen, Irene and in "care of" Thomas Walton.

Brandee and Mom

On a mission to support the caregiver community that they have been a part of for over a decade, Lot of Love began with the simple idea of showing compassion and remembering caregivers need care as well. All the while, providing funds, creating further awareness and hosting events for holistic care.

Prior to the passing of Kathleen Walton, Brandee's mom, the two would spend time discussing the other caregivers on the floor in the "bone marrow" wing. They would talk about caregivers being the unsung heroes, the silent fighters. They would agree that there is a need for care for them not only while they care for others but what about after-care? Tony was 4 when his grandma passed away due to complications battling leukemia. As Tony grew older the same discussion would come up as they both continued to care for family and friends and witness other families go through their own trials.

Brandee and Family

When Irene, Brandee's grandma passed, both Tony and Brandee decided there was a need for the OC (original caretaker), our elderly. They wanted to incorporate the needs of the OC's, who are in many cases transitioning from caregiver to care receiver. This transition can be scary, especially if it involves a transition from home to senior care. The many needs of our Original Caregivers was the spark of inspiration behind our first product, the Comfort Blanket. Knowing that this blanket couldn't just be like any other, the idea developed into creating a truly luxurious blanket so that whoever received it would be able to feel the effort, quality and love that went into creating it. The love that inspired this blanket will be wrapped around you all!

Recently Tom, Brandee's father (Tony's "Da") was diagnosed with lung cancer while already coping with COPD. The family cares for him through his brave wishes to not go through treatment but to live life to the fullest and appreciate the life he has lived.

We continue to BE, SUPPORT and LOVE caregivers! (July 3rd, 2018, Tom passed away. Brandee was his caregiver and was blessed to be by his side)

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