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Our Story

Lot of Love's journey emerged from the heartfelt experiences of Brandee Walton and her son Tony, inspired by their caregiving roles and dedicated to the memory of Kathleen & Thomas Walton.


With a decade of immersion in the caregiver community, Lot of Love was conceived with a simple yet profound idea – to infuse compassion and recognize that caregivers, too, require care. Their commitment extends beyond mere financial support, as they actively raise awareness, organize events, provide and work with others that provide self-care classes and services that emphasize whole-health in a holistic manner.


Before Kathleen Walton's passing, Brandee and her mom would engage in discussions about caregivers in the "bone marrow" wing, acknowledging them as unsung heroes and silent fighters. Recognizing the need for ongoing care, beyond the immediate responsibilities of caregiving, became a cornerstone of Lot of Love's mission. Tony, having witnessed his grandma's battle with leukemia at the tender age of 4, continued these conversations as they later navigated the challenges of caring for other family members and friends, empathizing with other families facing their unique trials.


In their pursuit of sustainable self-care, Lot of Love introduces elements like vibrational and sound therapy, yoga, breathwork, massage, acupuncture, 1:1 sound healings, Reiki, meditation, nutritional education, and so much more! They truly understand the profound benefits these therapeutic approaches can offer to the caregiving community. Through their initiatives, Lot of Love strives not only to provide support in the present but also to foster enduring well-being for those who dedicate their lives to caring for others.

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